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Creative Punch Designs

I'm Deidre Somdah

… And I help black women thrive in their businesses. I'm a graphic designer turned brand strategist.

For 10 years plus, I've been challenged by the soul-inspiring decision of several black women to start a business. Yes, like every other entrepreneur, the first thing a product does is try to survive. But, many businesses don't do more than this; hence they simply die.

The question is why? They've been tangled in the web of market competition. The world has evolved into 1's and 0's with increasing competition each day. Only products or services that create irresistible offers and communicate clearly how they can help their customers eventually do more than survive to thrive. This is why I've rolled my sleeves and committed myself to helping black women win by creating a rock-solid strategy for their businesses.

I'm talking about the type of brand strategy that makes your customers stick to your product, turn themselves into your brand ambassadors and recommend your products everywhere they go. Yes, the type of branding that makes them proudly associate with your product or service.

To do this, I've not only become certified, read books, and taken a multitude of courses, but I have also listened to the vital few in the industry talk about how they do it. I believe that to give the best, I have to continually hone my skills and be at the forefront of updates and their implementation

As your brand strategist, I will help you craft a compelling story for your business, plus amplify your product benefits and unparalleled services offers. I'm going to help you mark a register in your audience's mind so that when your product or service is needed, your brand comes to mind.


 I'm not going to do this alone. I understand what it means to have a great vision like yours and I want to help you fan it into reality. But I need you. How? I need you to discuss your vision and discuss why you started the business so that all that can be captured in your company's brand message.

About Me: About Me
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