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One-On-One Brand Strategy

Your brand message is everything! It captures the very essence of your business and how you want your customers to perceive your business. After all, your customer's perception is your business reality. To reach your next business height, you need to make your customers choose you over your fiercest rival. How? That's what I do. I help black women win in their business.


I will help you create a concrete strategy of what you need to excel in your business. You'll get to see why your customers have not been engaging with your products or the conversion rate has been low.


 I will show you shocking discoveries of what works and what doesn't. Not just that, I will reveal to you why! Trust me, only a handful of industry experts want to reveal the 'how' to you, but I'll freely give it to you anyway. My goal remains to be your fiercest ally.


Have no more worry about dwindling revenue! It's time for a turnaround! Time to take over the wheel and stir your business into your dream future with confidence.

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What Should I Expect In My Brand Strategy Workshop?

First Step - Free 15-minute Zoom Discovery Call 

This call will be to talk about your brand, issues you are having, growth, etc. We will take a look at what needs to be addressed and what can be better.

Second Step - 2 days of Brand Strategy Workshop & Roadmap (Starts at $10k)

A roadmap can include (depending on customer goals):

✓ Goals 
✓ Brand Architecture
✓ Brand Attributes
✓ Mission Statement
✓ Positioning Statement
✓ Messaging
✓ Look and Feel 
✓ Competitor Analysis
✓ Customer Persona
✓ Customer Journey
✓ Timeline
✓ Priorities 
✓ Partner Referrals

This document takes me between 2-3 weeks to complete after the workshop. 

Two monthly check-ins with my client ensure we are all aligned and that everything is headed in the right direction. 

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